With our Full Service Plan, you get the convenience of a FREE ATM (including installation) for your business. Tibbs Cash takes care of the day to day operations. We handle everything from cash to maintenance and receipt paper. All you have to do is cash your commission cheque.

Our Partnered Plan lets you be more active in the daily business of the ATM, and receive a larger portion of the profit, without having to make a large investment. You still receive a FREE ATM (including installation), maintenance and paper rolls, but you load your own cash.

If you’re looking to buy (or rent to own!) an ATM or already own an ATM our Processing Plan may be your best choice. You own the machine, you stock the machine, and you net 100% of the service charge, all the while having Tibbs Cash’s ATM experience helping along the way.

Free ATM placement and cash loading is dependent on security and volume considerations. Talk to us today and let us find a solution that works.